Killasser / Callow Parish Newsletters

150th Jubilee of Killasser Church in 2018

  • A Jubilee Committee has been formed, with Paul Hyland as chairman, and plans for various celebrations throughout the year are in progress.


  • The main event will be the Mass of Thanksgiving on Saturday, 3 November at 3pm with the launch of the commemorative book afterwards in the Community Centre.

(This is the Saturday nearest to the Feast of All Saints.)

A Time Capsule will also be buried in the church grounds that day. More details to follow.


  • On Friday 10 August, a Killasser Parish Social will be held in the Gateway Hotel, Swinford.


  • It is also planned to have a parish outing in April or May to visit the places in North Roscommon and Fermanagh associated with St Lasair.


  • The annual tour of the parish in August, organised by Killasser/ Callow Heritage Society will visit all the religious sites, church ruins, graveyard, etc. in the parish.


  • The possibility of having a pageant/musical event has also been discussed.


  • In addition, the Jubilee will be marked by religious ceremonies/retreats at various times through the year especially at the feasts of St Patrick (17 March), All Saints (1 November) and St Lasair, 13th November.


  • In order to have the church building and the grounds looking their best, some improvement works have been identified and work will commence early in January. A small contribution will be sought from parishioners towards the fund. Details to follow at the end of January.


Please make a note of these events and let family and friends at home and abroad know. Everybody is invited and will be very welcome to attend this great occasion in our parish.